Posted: July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

     Greetings Lovely Immortals,

       My name is Thomas McDermott and I have recently pulished my first novel, Immortal Beauty: Book One of The Immortals series, on Amazon. I am one of the many Indie authors trying to find my way through the tangled web of modern technology with limited funding to acheive my goals. I have learned so much in such little time and would like to thank all of the other authors and artists on Twitter who have been absolutely supportive of my ‘poke and hope’ operation, though my experience has been more akin to ‘click and cry’. I accidentally uploaded an unedited version of my book for a promotion and soon found out  I was not alone. As frustrating as this process can be, I find that I am really enjoying the learning curve and hope that over time I become as savvy as some of you other artists out there. My goal from the beginning was to publish a book. Now that this goal has been accomplished, new ones arise daily. I have another blog site where I ponder our own mortality and such and Immortal Beauty has a Facebook page and I am on Twitter as well. The challenge is that I am now spending so much time on social media that I am neglecting my work. My new goal is to find the balance between creation and promotion and I have to remember my original intention. I wanted to tell a good story. I believe I have, and the rest I will just make up as I go along! Thanks for stopping on your immortal journey through space and time to visit me. Stay beautiful my lovely Immortals! Thomas McDermott


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