Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Immortal Beauty creates a world where a select few have taken the waters of Immortality which curses them to either live forever or keep dying only to return and eventually remember every lifetime ever lived. For some, drinking the water was a choice and for a few, it was all a gorgeous mistake. They are doomed to repeat life over and over or never die at all. Why do I use the word ‘cursed’? This idea of living forever represents being deprived of my own human soul’s right to eternity. I think about never meeting my loved ones again like all the legends of old and religions of today tell us. We will be greeted by family members, friends, and even our long lost pets wagging their tales and licking our faces with the joy of reunion in a space where time does not exist and forever is simply just another day. The moment I think about having to go through puberty again and heartache again and loss and pain and sickness, I get sick to my stomach. Reincarnation theory tells us that this is exactly what happens. We go around in the spin cycle to repeat the same mistakes, or finally learn to stop making those mistakes  and move on to the next level of eternal life. “How long til my soul gets it right? Has any human being ever reached that kind of light?” The Indigo Girls sing casually with style. The mind reels!

Not all the characters in the book believe that these magic waters of immortality are a curse. A few believe it’s the greatest gift of all. So ultimately Team Cursed and Team Blessed have to duke it out. Which team would I find myself on? We only know something after we experience it. I don’t ever know how I will react to anything in life until it actually happens. Every once in a while I surprise myself and think “Well, this is new!”. There is also something in me that has to experience as much as I can before my mortal timepiece stops ticking. I have my bucket list. I’m busy and aging daily! So I truly do not know how I would handle immortality, either option. I have to say as much as I am not looking forward to my very last day here on earth, (may it be a long time from now!) I rather like the way things are. I have read too many myths and stories that tell me Pandora was making a mistake and Lot’s wife should have never looked back and Atlas should never, ever shrug which teach me to accept the cycles that exist and honor the spin. If I was truly stuck in the spin cycle of humanity forever I don’t know how removed or distracted or utterly mad I could actually become. Thank goodness in this world I don’t have to make such choices but I think of a world not too far away when science truly could offer us this gift. Will immortal humans still be human? Would they know how to love? Would they pity us or make us their pets? I could go on, but today I just want to think of whose team I would be on if given the choice.

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