Are We The Immortals?

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

     This is an old photograph of the Volunteer American Ambulance drivers from World War One, taken inside the long lost fabled chateau at 21 Rue Raynouard. The time this was taken these men were in the prime of their lives. They were brave and dashing and risking their lives voluntarily for people they did not know. It is strange to think of all this vitality and bravery gone from the world now. As with all of us mortals, time rushes on so very quickly and seemingly accelerating in its pace. Everyone says that the older you get, the faster time goes. Remember when summer lasted forever? They say things like this all the time which makes me wonder if time truly is accelerating or if it is just a side effect from being immersed in the space time continuum for longer periods of time. Many times through my life I have seen pictures or movies or even read books about the past and something in me seems excited and familiar with these eras. I remember being a very young teenager and having the distinct impression that I had lived in Egypt once and that everything Egyptian seemed to comfort me. I also remember when I was very little a memory of carrying a hot stone wrapped in cloth up cold stone stairways to be placed at the foot of my master’s bed. I can still see the steps and feel my freezing toes to this day. I don’t know where these memories come from and they could all very well just be my over active writer’s imagination at play, but I always wonder if such a thing as reincarnation is possible. Even if it is not true, we have the promise of Heaven and all of our loved ones waiting for us as if they were all at a great family reunion in the sky. We believe that our souls live on. Whether they are recycled or at rest in eternity, we believe that we go on and on.

One of the reasons I love writing is that I know my words will live on beyond me. I will not live forever but my observations and opinions and stories will be stored in the virtual world for as long as it exists. This gives me great comfort. I love the idea of a kid in a hundred years from now stumbling upon this ‘really old book’ and breathing life back into my words. Just as I was inspired by this amazing house in Paris that no longer exists, I felt that something from the past was desiring to be brought to life again and that is how Immortal Beauty was born. Was it a past of mine that I had lived through previously? I don’t know. The truth is, even though we believe our hearts will go on and on, we really don’t know anything. This is where my favorite human traits come life. We believe. We know that we can never put it under a microscope, but we believe in our souls. This is universal. Every culture has a belief system that has nothing to do with the harsh realities of life on Earth. It could be a global escapism to make the reality not seem so harsh. It’s comforting to hear that my reward will come in the next world even if it’s not true, it makes me feel good and helps me loosen my tight grip on this twilight world. For some reason, we have a built in belief system that can manifest in endless ways through countless religions. For me, it has always been a feeling. I feel like someone is there. I feel that there is something bigger than me turning the wheels of life. I feel it in nature and music and every time I see a person doing something brave and fearless and selfless, much like these volunteer ambulance drivers, I believe even more that there is something full of grace, guiding us through eternity. Ultimately, my father said it best: “I believe we don’t know” is what he said when I asked him what really happens to us after we die. It freed me in a way no other words could have done. It was ok that I did not know and it was comforting that I believed. We come here as mortals but most of us believe that ulitmately we are The Immortals. Stay beautiful my lovely Immortals. I believe in you! Eternally yours, thomas mcdermott


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