Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Greetings my Immortals! As I write over 750 copies of Immortal Beauty have been downloaded in 5 countries and I have that numbing, surreal feeling that always happens when dreams and reality begin to mesh. I dreamt years ago that I was living in a house where real and fictional characters co-habitated and in the dream it was as natural as can be imagined. This is exactly how I feel now. Immortal Beauty began with an obssession with a house that appeared in a fictional story written almost one hundred years ago. Ohio writer Louis Bromfield described this house with such eloquent detail I began to suspect that maybe he had been inspired by a real house as I knew he lived in Paris as a young man. The search began and when I finally found the house in old photos that blurry line between the real and the imagined had been crossed. There was no turning back. Alice found the rabbit hole, only Alice was a man who dreamed all his life of writing a book. These days we always talk about the thin veil that exists between our world of flesh and the world of the spirit. I had crossed the thin veil between the world of reality and the world of the imagination. I am beginning to think now that every fiction writer must know what I am talking about. I live in two worlds now and they are both as real as the other. Do you have a favorite character or book that seems just as real as this crazy world we live in? Do you find yourself escaping into different realms through the words of an author fueled with the fire of imagination that is hard wired into every human being? I am beginning to think imagination is the magic key that unlocks all the doors of our life whether it is a writer’s block, or a messy divorce, or a challenging job. My friend Robert Corbet who took the book cover photo said to me recently. The same key opens every door. In my eyes and in my worlds, the key is imagination. So for any of you who think you cannot do something, imagine that you can. Imagine that you already have and behave like it’s already real, for who is qualified enough to determine what is real and what is not? Only you can set those parameters in your mind. I believe in my story and now it has taken on a life of its own. I believe in your inherent Immortal Power to imagine yourself out of or into any situation. Mind you, it is only my belief. There is no proof. There is only faith in the magic key that exists in all of us. I have named my magic key imagination. What is the name of your key that unlocks every door? What holds us back and what propels us forward? I am my biggest fan as well as my harshest critic and if you are human you know what I’m talking about. I believe you can accomplish anything if you believe you can. I believe in you my Immortals. I believe. I believe.


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