Posted: August 30, 2012 in FICTION, historical fantasy, Paranormal
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    At the very heart of Immortal Beaty is humanity’s obssession with beauty. The very concept of beauty is so abstract and personal it is hard to fathom a universal law of beauty. What was considered beautiful in the 18th century is not necessarily viewed the same way here in the 21st. Are there cerain attributes that have been seen as beautiful from the very beginning of mankind? I cannot say. I only know that what I find beautiful, the person standing next to me does not. I certainly do not see The desperate housewives with all of their botox and filler as beautiful. In fact, I find them a little alien and that plays a big part in my book. The rich are distinguishing themselves from the middle class and the poor in a new way. In the past it was large homes and lots of land and expensive clothings and possessions. This has not changed much at all, only now with the available technology in the anti-aging and beauty business, the rich are starting to make themselves look physically different than the rest of us mere mortals. The eyebrows are too high and the lips are too big and the cheeks are too pronounced. They believe these things make them look younger. It does not. It makes them look different. When I see someone on television or in real life who has such visible procedures performed I know immediately that they are older. All the work they’ve had done is shining a bright spotlight on the very thing they are trying to hide. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against any of these things and have had my share of botox. I am not judging these people. I am just noticing them and realizing they no longer look quite…human.

The antagonist in Immortal Beauty, Celine D’Aumont, wants to create a race of beautiful people who live forever with all of us mortals at their beck and call. It may sound like a fantastic and crazy idea, but I see it happening now. Scientists are racing to stop the clock that ticks away in our DNA and who do you think will have access to this technology? It will be the rich, like always. Once again they are taking a step away from the rest of us and proclaiming that they are not the same. Money makes them different, or so they believe. They don’t have to age, they don’t have to suffer like the rest of us. They are secure, or so they belive. At the end of the day, we all grow old and die and this is what we have been trying to avoid since civilization began and probably before. Why are we afraid of this most natural process? When I say ‘we’, I definitely mean me for sure. If I was given the chance to stay youthful and live forever I know I would go for it. What if soon science can offer us these very things? Technology is a double edged sword and things could go horribly wrong in this quest and it also makes great fodder for all sorts of amazing stories, but we are on the brink of a new era. We are becoming a new species through our science. We are manipulating genes and inserting technology into our bodies at a rapid pace. Everyone has their computer strapped to their hand and it is common to see people all day long staring into their little screens instead of seeing what is right before their eyes. We are no longer just human. We are humans interfacing with machines and the machines are making their way into our biology. Are we the last of the natural children? Will we eventually be seen as neanderthals to these modern people or will we reach a point where our humanity rejects the technology and we return to the earth? I wish I was immortal so I could see how this all plays out. Will the rich turn themselves into a different looking race entirely so you can tell immediately who is not a mere mortal? Ultimately the question is, would I jump on this bandwagon and try to stay young and beautiful forever, or choose to grow old and wise like my lovely grandparents. Ah the immortal implications make mind reel. Remember, you ARE beautiful my lovely Immortals!

  1. What a thoughtful write, Thom! I agree that these procedures make them look less than human…It reminds me of the Sneetches, really, and their enviable belly stars–until everybuddy got the belly stars…Beauty, in my mind–physical beauty–is the domain of the young–teens through twenties–and from then on, good grooming and self-growth replace it. (or don’t, as the case may be!) Obviously, you made me think here…

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