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       In Immortal Beauty, Celine D’Aumont is obsessed with one thing: revenge. She wants to right a wrong that happened very long ago and one that she took very personally.  I know just how she feels. There have been many times in my life when I have been slighted or wronged and I rise up with self righteous indignation that allows me to think and say things I normally do not think and say. This anger gives me permission  to plan my own way to get even and balance the playing field again, though normally I am a very pacifistic people pleaser, I can become a monster in a matter of moments. If someone were to wrong one of my family and friends, the indignation spins out of control and I have free reign to become a manipulative bully to get back at those who harmed my inner circle. I think we can all relate to these things because they are so basically human. Now Celine is a little more than human and she literally has all the time in the world to seethe and boil over trouble and toil! As she moves through time consumed with thoughts of revenge, her humanity begins to slip away. I know people who have experienced something in their past that has caused them anger or pain and they refuse to let it go and in the end, it defines who they are. I have a friend who is so angry at the church because he didn’t like the way he was treated as a child, it has become his ‘broken record’. He’s the friend that other friends whisper: “Just don’t get him started on the church!” before visiting his home. I have learned personally that I have to somehow process and accept and finally forgive everything that has happened in this mortal dream or I cannot move on. We can become prisoners of our own thoughts. No one can create a more perfect jail cell than your own self. People are driven to do horrible and unspeakable things because someone did not treat them right.  Passions can turn from the brightest light to the darkest force and we find ourselves in a mortal battle with the one we used to love. I feel that if we continue to hold onto these dark and powerful thoughts of revenge, a kind of madness ensues. The person obsessed no longer has the ability to enjoy a sunny day or a simple smile. Everything has become darkened with the poison of the mind. We can do so much damage in one lifetime by not forgiving or releasing or accepting. Imagine the madness that would follow if you were full of hatred and you were going to live forever. Would the hatred grow with the years until one became like Celine, a mad woman who will only rest when everyone around her is dead? Or would each coming century bring another chance of redemption and forgiveness? These are the mortal musings I ponder as I look back at my own life and my own dark obsessions that have finally found the day. Stay beautiful my Lovely Immortals! And on a light note, I have to quote Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: “Revenge is better than Christmas!” I’m certain Celine would agree with her!